A convergence of design, engineering and emotion that can only belong to a shipyard as remarkable as Bugari.

Bugari is more than just a symbol of a glorious past, it is destined to become the trademark of excellence for many years to come. Practising an uncompromising and unbridled passion for yachting: a tradition that has lived on throughout the decades. Bugari yachts have been inspired to combine exquisite form with practical functionality and are the ultimate synthesis of this higher design approach; the right balance between both technical and emotional requirements.

With hundreds of Italian handcrafted masterpieces having previously been built, these yachts are more than just a part of Bugari’s history, they have become integral constituents of every new model. The exceptional current range of models truly represents a new paradigm of an ambitious new era for Bugari.

Featuring the very best in cutting-edge innovation, exceptional handling and dynamism, and extraordinary levels of comfort and opulence, these impressive yachts are specifically engineered for a thrillingly addictive experience.


Custom Made

With the opportunity to incorporate and implement all your wishes, needs and desires on your new yacht, your imagination is the only limit. Your Bugari yacht can perfectly reflect your personal character.

Technology Integration

The Bugari Fast Eco Hull is a cutting-edge innovation that sets new standards in naval architecture. Advantages include unmatched stability, a significant reduction in fuel consumption over comparable hull designs and practically no change in the angle of attack when increasing speed.

Sumptuous Luxury

You can choose from the finest woods, marbles and fabrics, as well as from options typically found on much larger craft like saloon side doors with a sidewalk balcony or a private terrace for your owner’s cabin.



Artemio Bugari, the founder of the Bugari shipyard started his shipbuilding activities in early 1968 in the port of Fano in Italy. At this time the Bugari shipyard mainly produced outstanding quality sailing boats between 10 and 20 meters, as well as fishing boats for the local industry.

In 1972 the Bugari shipyard expanded into a bigger building and production was diversified to include pleasure yachts, as well as professional offshore workboats, patrol boats and passenger ships. In 1991 Artemio Bugari built a new and larger production facility in Fano in order to start manufacturing purely custom made, semi-displacement motor yachts in a range from 20 to 40 meters.

Artemio Bugari’s sons, Andrea Bugari and Arnaldo Bugari have worked with their father since the early 1980’s and in 1999 they took over the management of the Bugari shipyard.

Since 2014, Bugari Yachts GmbH in Austria has coordinated the activities of the Bugari shipyard in Fano and together with Andrea Bugari and Arnaldo Bugari they founded a new shipyard named Bugari Yachts s.r.l. which incorporated the old shipyard. At the same time, this restructuring has triggered the development of an exciting new range of tomorrow’s motor yachts for today.

Today the Bugari shipyard has over 46 years’ experience in high quality shipbuilding and clearly stands out from the crowd due to its unrivalled passion for excellence and the highest attention to detail. Each Bugari motor yacht is a handmade, unique masterpiece. And each yacht is individually different because it is tailored totally and exactly to the personal characteristics of the individual owner.

Based upon pure Italian design coupled with skilled Italian craftsmanship, Bugari yachts are an unbeatable combination of luxury and sports pedigree, highly efficient fast hydroplaning characteristics plus a long range cruising capability at eco speed. Owning a Bugari yacht means advanced technology, security and comfort.

Grosvenor Bugari proudly represents the Bugari luxury brand of high quality motor yachts in the United Kingdom and is part of Grosvenor Yachts Ltd. The Grosvenor Yachts brand has become a synonym for luxury, high quality and customer service.




Each Bugari motor yacht is a handmade, unique masterpiece. As a result each individual yacht is different because it is tailored totally and exactly to the personal characteristics of the individual owner. The shipyard gives their utmost and undivided attention to the owner’s personal visions, emotions, wishes and needs while planning and building each individual yacht, which is exactly tailored to the owner’s personality.

At the beginning of each build they form a development team with the future owner, CEO, designer and shipyard manager. This team works out exactly the specific criteria necessary to provide a yacht that matches the personal characteristics of the owner. The shipyard then uses this information to develop the yacht to the owner’s individual concept, taking care to implement every little detail.

In this way every Bugari yacht becomes a really unique masterpiece, perfectly reflecting a personal character which has been developed and planned by the owner.

Please find an indication of the three main product lines below. However, each line can be semi-customised or fully-customised to create a bespoke and personal yacht at your request.



…the ultimate synthesis of a higher design approach…



Jaw-dropping performance, bold and evocative design, a sense of occasion that unleashes your sentiments, along with pure joy in glorious natural settings are all part of your vocabulary.

The quality of our boats are a result of heritage and dedication. That’s why they are Bugari yachts. Quite simply, Grosvenor Bugari is here to exceed your expectations and make your dreams a reality.


…give their utmost and undivided attention to the owner’s personal visions, emotions & wishes…



We exist to create experiences where passion and the marine environment come together in harmony. Our love of the sea demands our commitment to your safety, protection of the environment, maritime education and training and shared ethical values.

We want to assist you in having the very best possible experience and would be grateful if you take notice of the following information.

Getting in Touch

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